Source code for xontrib.fish_completer

"""Populate rich completions using fish and remove the default bash based completer"""

from xonsh.completers import completer
from import complete_from_sub_proc, contextual_command_completer
from xonsh.parsers.completion_context import CommandContext

[docs]@contextual_command_completer def fish_proc_completer(ctx: CommandContext): if not ctx.args: return line = ctx.text_before_cursor script_lines = [ f"complete --no-files {ctx.command}", # switch off basic file completions for the executable f"complete -C '{line}'", ] return ( complete_from_sub_proc( "fish", "-c", "; ".join(script_lines), ), False, )
def _load_xontrib_(**_): completer.add_one_completer("fish", fish_proc_completer, "<bash")