Jump/delete across whole (non-whitespace) words with Ctrl+Left/Right/Delete/Backspace.

Control+left/right: Jump to previous/next whole word Control+backspace: Delete to beginning of whole word Control+delete: Delete to end of whole word Shift+delete: Delete whole word

Alt+Left/Right/Delete/Backspace remain unmodified:

Alt+left/right: Jump to previous/next token Alt+backspace: Delete to beginning of token Alt+delete: Delete to end of token

Some terminals cannot differentiate between Backspace and Control+Backspace. In this case, users can set $XONSH_WHOLE_WORD_CTRL_BKSP = False to skip configuration of the Control+Backspace key binding.

xontrib.whole_word_jumping.custom_keybindings(bindings, **kw)[source]#