Keyboard Shortcuts

Xonsh comes pre-baked with a few keyboard shortcuts. The following is only available under the prompt-toolkit shell.



Ctrl-X + Ctrl-E

Open the current buffer in your default text editor.


Exit xonsh and return to original terminal. If not called by another terminal, then exit current terminal window. Similar to exit.


Similar to enter in a few respects:
1. Execute the current buffer.
2. End and execute a multiline statement.


Same as Ctrl-J

Shift-Left OR Shift-Right [Beta]

Highlight one character in either direction

Ctrl-Shift-Left OR Ctrl-Shift-Right [Beta]

Highlight one word in either direction

Ctrl-X + Ctrl-C [Beta]

Copy highlighted section

Ctrl-X + Ctrl-X [Beta]

Cut highlighted section

Ctrl-V [Beta]

Paste clipboard contents