Prompt formatter for current jobs

class xonsh.prompt.job.CurrentJobField(**kwargs)[source]#

attributes of the class will be set from this


will be called from PromptFields getter for each new prompt


Context manager that updates the information used to update the job name

classmethod wrap(**kwargs) → tp.Callable[..., FieldType]#

decorator to set the updator

property name: str#

will be set during load.


fields with names such as gitstatus.branch mean they are defined in a module named gitstatus and are most likely a subfield used by gitstatus

prefix = ''#
suffix = ''#
updator: tp.Callable[[FieldType, PromptFields], None] | None = None#

this is a callable that needs to update the value or any of the attribute of the field

value = ''#

This field should hold the bare value of the field without any color/format strings