Implements the which xoreutil.

class xonsh.xoreutils.which.AWitchAWitch(option_strings, version=None, dest='==SUPPRESS==', default='==SUPPRESS==', **kwargs)[source]#

The Ducstring, the mother of all ducs.

xonsh.xoreutils.which.print_alias(arg, stdout, verbose=False)[source]#

Print the alias.

xonsh.xoreutils.which.print_global_object(arg, stdout)[source]#

Print the object.

xonsh.xoreutils.which.print_path(abs_name, from_where, stdout, verbose=False, captured=False)[source]#

Print the name and path of the command.

xonsh.xoreutils.which.which(args, stdin=None, stdout=None, stderr=None, spec=None)[source]#

Checks if each arguments is a xonsh aliases, then if it’s an executable, then finally return an error code equal to the number of misses. If ‘-a’ flag is passed, run both to return both xonsh match and which match.