Advanced Events#

If you haven’t, go read the events tutorial first. This documents the messy details of the event system.

You may also find the events API reference useful.

Why Unordered?#

Yes, handler call order is not guaranteed. Please don’t file bugs about this.

This was chosen because the order of handler registration is dependent on load order, which is stable in a release but not something generally reasoned about. In addition, xontribs mean that we don’t know what handlers could be registered. So even an “ordered” event system would be unable to make guarantees about ordering because of the larger system.

Because of this, the event system is not ordered; this is a form of abstraction. Order-dependent semantics are not encouraged by the built-in methods.

So how do I handle results?# returns a list of the returns from the handlers. You should merge this list in an appropriate way.

What are Species?#

In xonsh, events come in species. Each one may look like an event and quack like an event, but they behave differently.

This was done because load hooks look like events and quack like events, but they have different semantics. See LoadEvents for details.

In order to turn an event from the default Event, you must transmogrify it, using events.transmogrify(). The class the event is turned in to must be a subclass of AbstractEvent.

(Under the hood, transmogrify creates a new instance and copies the handlers and docstring from the old instance to the new one.)