Source code for xonsh.xoreutils.tty

"""A tty implementation for xonsh"""
import os
import sys

[docs]def tty(args, stdin, stdout, stderr): """A tty command for xonsh.""" if "--help" in args: print(TTY_HELP, file=stdout) return 0 silent = False for i in ("-s", "--silent", "--quiet"): if i in args: silent = True args.remove(i) if len(args) > 0: if not silent: for i in args: print(f"tty: Invalid option: {i}", file=stderr) print("Try 'tty --help' for more information", file=stderr) return 2 try: fd = stdin.fileno() except: fd = sys.stdin.fileno() if not os.isatty(fd): if not silent: print("not a tty", file=stdout) return 1 if not silent: try: print(os.ttyname(fd), file=stdout) except: return 3 return 0
TTY_HELP = """Usage: tty [OPTION]... Print the file name of the terminal connected to standard input. -s, --silent, --quiet print nothing, only return an exit status --help display this help and exit This version of tty was written in Python for the xonsh project: Based on tty from GNU coreutils:"""