Source code for xonsh.xoreutils.pwd

"""A pwd implementation for xonsh."""
import os

from xonsh.built_ins import XSH

[docs]def pwd(args, stdin, stdout, stderr): """A pwd implementation""" e = XSH.env["PWD"] if "-h" in args or "--help" in args: print(PWD_HELP, file=stdout) return 0 if "-P" in args: e = os.path.realpath(e) print(e, file=stdout) return 0
PWD_HELP = """Usage: pwd [OPTION]... Print the full filename of the current working directory. -P, --physical avoid all symlinks --help display this help and exit This version of pwd was written in Python for the xonsh project: Based on pwd from GNU coreutils:""" # Not Implemented # -L, --logical use PWD from environment, even if it contains symlinks