Source code for xonsh.ptk_shell.history

"""History object for use with prompt_toolkit."""

import prompt_toolkit.history

from xonsh.built_ins import XSH

[docs]class PromptToolkitHistory(prompt_toolkit.history.History): """History class that implements the prompt-toolkit history interface with the xonsh backend. """ def __init__(self, load_prev=True, *args, **kwargs): """Initialize history object.""" super().__init__() self.load_prev = load_prev
[docs] def store_string(self, entry): pass
[docs] def load_history_strings(self): """Loads synchronous history strings""" if not self.load_prev: return hist = XSH.history if hist is None: return for cmd in hist.all_items(newest_first=True): line = cmd["inp"].rstrip() strs = self.get_strings() if len(strs) == 0 or line != strs[-1]: yield line
def __getitem__(self, index): return self.get_strings()[index] def __len__(self): return len(self.get_strings()) def __iter__(self): return iter(self.get_strings())
def _cust_history_matches(self, i): """Custom history search method for prompt_toolkit that matches previous commands anywhere on a line, not just at the start. This gets monkeypatched into the prompt_toolkit prompter if ``XONSH_HISTORY_MATCH_ANYWHERE=True``""" return ( self.history_search_text is None or self.history_search_text in self._working_lines[i] )