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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Prompt formatter for simple version control branches"""
# pylint:disable=no-member, invalid-name

import os
import sys
import queue
import builtins
import threading
import subprocess

import as xt

def _get_git_branch(q):
    denv = builtins.__xonsh__.env.detype()
        branches = xt.decode_bytes(
                ["git", "branch"], env=denv, stderr=subprocess.DEVNULL
    except (subprocess.CalledProcessError, OSError, FileNotFoundError):
        for branch in branches:
            if not branch.startswith("* "):
            elif branch.endswith(")"):
                branch = branch.split()[-1][:-1]
                branch = branch.split()[-1]


[docs]def get_git_branch(): """Attempts to find the current git branch. If this could not be determined (timeout, not in a git repo, etc.) then this returns None. """ branch = None timeout = builtins.__xonsh__.env.get("VC_BRANCH_TIMEOUT") q = queue.Queue() t = threading.Thread(target=_get_git_branch, args=(q,)) t.start() t.join(timeout=timeout) try: branch = q.get_nowait() except queue.Empty: branch = None return branch
def _get_hg_root(q): _curpwd = builtins.__xonsh__.env["PWD"] while True: if not os.path.isdir(_curpwd): return False try: dot_hg_is_in_curwd = any([ == ".hg" for b in xt.scandir(_curpwd)]) except OSError: return False if dot_hg_is_in_curwd: q.put(_curpwd) break else: _oldpwd = _curpwd _curpwd = os.path.split(_curpwd)[0] if _oldpwd == _curpwd: return False
[docs]def get_hg_branch(root=None): """Try to get the mercurial branch of the current directory, return None if not in a repo or subprocess.TimeoutExpired if timed out. """ env = builtins.__xonsh__.env timeout = env["VC_BRANCH_TIMEOUT"] q = queue.Queue() t = threading.Thread(target=_get_hg_root, args=(q,)) t.start() t.join(timeout=timeout) try: root = q.get_nowait() except queue.Empty: return None if env.get("VC_HG_SHOW_BRANCH"): # get branch name branch_path = os.path.sep.join([root, ".hg", "branch"]) if os.path.exists(branch_path): with open(branch_path, "r") as branch_file: branch = else: branch = "default" else: branch = "" # add bookmark, if we can bookmark_path = os.path.sep.join([root, ".hg", "bookmarks.current"]) if os.path.exists(bookmark_path): with open(bookmark_path, "r") as bookmark_file: active_bookmark = if env.get("VC_HG_SHOW_BRANCH") is True: branch = "{0}, {1}".format( *(b.strip(os.linesep) for b in (branch, active_bookmark)) ) else: branch = active_bookmark.strip(os.linesep) else: branch = branch.strip(os.linesep) return branch
_FIRST_BRANCH_TIMEOUT = True def _first_branch_timeout_message(): global _FIRST_BRANCH_TIMEOUT sbtm = builtins.__xonsh__.env["SUPPRESS_BRANCH_TIMEOUT_MESSAGE"] if not _FIRST_BRANCH_TIMEOUT or sbtm: return _FIRST_BRANCH_TIMEOUT = False print( "xonsh: branch timeout: computing the branch name, color, or both " "timed out while formatting the prompt. You may avoid this by " "increasing the value of $VC_BRANCH_TIMEOUT or by removing branch " "fields, like {curr_branch}, from your $PROMPT. See the FAQ " "for more details. This message will be suppressed for the remainder " "of this session. To suppress this message permanently, set " "$SUPPRESS_BRANCH_TIMEOUT_MESSAGE = True in your xonshrc file.", file=sys.stderr, )
[docs]def current_branch(): """Gets the branch for a current working directory. Returns an empty string if the cwd is not a repository. This currently only works for git and hg and should be extended in the future. If a timeout occurred, the string '<branch-timeout>' is returned. """ branch = None cmds = builtins.__xonsh__.commands_cache # check for binary only once if cmds.is_empty(): has_git = bool(cmds.locate_binary("git", ignore_alias=True)) has_hg = bool(cmds.locate_binary("hg", ignore_alias=True)) else: has_git = bool(cmds.lazy_locate_binary("git", ignore_alias=True)) has_hg = bool(cmds.lazy_locate_binary("hg", ignore_alias=True)) if has_git: branch = get_git_branch() if not branch and has_hg: branch = get_hg_branch() if isinstance(branch, subprocess.TimeoutExpired): branch = "<branch-timeout>" _first_branch_timeout_message() return branch or None
def _git_dirty_working_directory(q, include_untracked): status = None denv = builtins.__xonsh__.env.detype() try: cmd = ["git", "status", "--porcelain"] if include_untracked: cmd.append("--untracked-files=normal") else: cmd.append("--untracked-files=no") status = subprocess.check_output(cmd, stderr=subprocess.DEVNULL, env=denv) except (subprocess.CalledProcessError, OSError, FileNotFoundError): q.put(None) if status is not None: return q.put(bool(status))
[docs]def git_dirty_working_directory(include_untracked=False): """Returns whether or not the git directory is dirty. If this could not be determined (timeout, file not found, etc.) then this returns None. """ timeout = builtins.__xonsh__.env.get("VC_BRANCH_TIMEOUT") q = queue.Queue() t = threading.Thread( target=_git_dirty_working_directory, args=(q, include_untracked) ) t.start() t.join(timeout=timeout) try: return q.get_nowait() except queue.Empty: return None
[docs]def hg_dirty_working_directory(): """Computes whether or not the mercurial working directory is dirty or not. If this cannot be determined, None is returned. """ env = builtins.__xonsh__.env cwd = env["PWD"] denv = env.detype() vcbt = env["VC_BRANCH_TIMEOUT"] # Override user configurations settings and aliases denv["HGRCPATH"] = "" try: s = subprocess.check_output( ["hg", "identify", "--id"], stderr=subprocess.PIPE, cwd=cwd, timeout=vcbt, universal_newlines=True, env=denv, ) return s.strip(os.linesep).endswith("+") except ( subprocess.CalledProcessError, subprocess.TimeoutExpired, FileNotFoundError, ): return None
[docs]def dirty_working_directory(): """Returns a boolean as to whether there are uncommitted files in version control repository we are inside. If this cannot be determined, returns None. Currently supports git and hg. """ dwd = None cmds = builtins.__xonsh__.commands_cache if cmds.lazy_locate_binary("git", ignore_alias=True): dwd = git_dirty_working_directory() if cmds.lazy_locate_binary("hg", ignore_alias=True) and dwd is None: dwd = hg_dirty_working_directory() return dwd
[docs]def branch_color(): """Return red if the current branch is dirty, yellow if the dirtiness can not be determined, and green if it clean. These are bold, intense colors for the foreground. """ dwd = dirty_working_directory() if dwd is None: color = "{BOLD_INTENSE_YELLOW}" elif dwd: color = "{BOLD_INTENSE_RED}" else: color = "{BOLD_INTENSE_GREEN}" return color
[docs]def branch_bg_color(): """Return red if the current branch is dirty, yellow if the dirtiness can not be determined, and green if it clean. These are background colors. """ dwd = dirty_working_directory() if dwd is None: color = "{BACKGROUND_YELLOW}" elif dwd: color = "{BACKGROUND_RED}" else: color = "{BACKGROUND_GREEN}" return color