Source code for xonsh.lib.os

"""Xonsh extension of the standard library os module, using xonsh for
subprocess calls"""

import sys

from xonsh.built_ins import subproc_uncaptured
from xonsh.dirstack import with_pushd

indir = with_pushd
"""alias to push_d context manager"""

[docs] def rmtree(dirname, force=False): """Remove a directory, even if it has read-only files (Windows). Git creates read-only files that must be removed on teardown. See for more info. Parameters ---------- dirname : str Directory to be removed force : bool If True force removal, defaults to False """ if sys.platform == "win32": cmd_args = "/S/Q" subproc_uncaptured(["rmdir", cmd_args, dirname]) else: cmd_args = "-r" if force: cmd_args += "f" subproc_uncaptured(["rm", cmd_args, dirname])