Source code for xonsh.lib.collections

"""Base class for chaining DBs"""

import itertools
import typing as tp
from collections import ChainMap
from import MutableMapping, MutableSequence, MutableSet

[docs]class ChainDBDefaultType: """Singleton for representing when no default value is given.""" __inst: tp.Optional["ChainDBDefaultType"] = None def __new__(cls): if ChainDBDefaultType.__inst is None: ChainDBDefaultType.__inst = object.__new__(cls) return ChainDBDefaultType.__inst
ChainDBDefault = ChainDBDefaultType()
[docs]class ChainDB(ChainMap): """A ChainMap who's ``_getitem__`` returns either a ChainDB or the result. The results resolve to the outermost mapping.""" def __getitem__(self, key): res = None results = [] # Try to get all the data from all the mappings for mapping in self.maps: results.append(mapping.get(key, ChainDBDefault)) # if all the results are mapping create a ChainDB if all([isinstance(result, MutableMapping) for result in results]): for result in results: if res is None: res = ChainDB(result) else: res.maps.append(result) elif all( [isinstance(result, (MutableSequence, MutableSet)) for result in results] ): results_chain = itertools.chain(*results) # if all reults have the same type, cast into that type if all([isinstance(result, type(results[0])) for result in results]): return type(results[0])(results_chain) else: return list(results_chain) else: for result in reversed(results): if result is not ChainDBDefault: return result raise KeyError(f"{key} is none of the current mappings") return res def __setitem__(self, key, value): if key not in self: super().__setitem__(key, value) else: # Try to get all the data from all the mappings for mapping in reversed(self.maps): if key in mapping: mapping[key] = value
def _convert_to_dict(cm): if isinstance(cm, (ChainMap, ChainDB)): r = {} for k, v in cm.items(): r[k] = _convert_to_dict(v) return r else: return cm