Source code for xonsh.diff_history

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Tools for diff'ing two xonsh history files in a meaningful fashion."""
import difflib
import datetime
import itertools
import argparse

from xonsh.lazyjson import LazyJSON
from import print_color

RED_S = '{RED}'

# intern some strings
REPLACE_S = 'replace'
DELETE_S = 'delete'
INSERT_S = 'insert'
EQUAL_S = 'equal'

[docs]def bold_str_diff(a, b, sm=None): if sm is None: sm = difflib.SequenceMatcher() aline = RED_S + '- ' bline = GREEN_S + '+ ' sm.set_seqs(a, b) for tag, i1, i2, j1, j2 in sm.get_opcodes(): if tag == REPLACE_S: aline += BOLD_RED_S + a[i1:i2] + RED_S bline += BOLD_GREEN_S + b[j1:j2] + GREEN_S elif tag == DELETE_S: aline += BOLD_RED_S + a[i1:i2] + RED_S elif tag == INSERT_S: bline += BOLD_GREEN_S + b[j1:j2] + GREEN_S elif tag == EQUAL_S: aline += a[i1:i2] bline += b[j1:j2] else: raise RuntimeError('tag not understood') return aline + NO_COLOR_S + '\n' + bline + NO_COLOR_S + '\n'
[docs]def redline(line): return '{red}- {line}{no_color}\n'.format(red=RED_S, line=line, no_color=NO_COLOR_S)
[docs]def greenline(line): return '{green}+ {line}{no_color}\n'.format(green=GREEN_S, line=line, no_color=NO_COLOR_S)
[docs]def highlighted_ndiff(a, b): """Returns a highlighted string, with bold characters where different.""" s = '' sm = difflib.SequenceMatcher() sm.set_seqs(a, b) linesm = difflib.SequenceMatcher() for tag, i1, i2, j1, j2 in sm.get_opcodes(): if tag == REPLACE_S: for aline, bline in itertools.zip_longest(a[i1:i2], b[j1:j2]): if bline is None: s += redline(aline) elif aline is None: s += greenline(bline) else: s += bold_str_diff(aline, bline, sm=linesm) elif tag == DELETE_S: for aline in a[i1:i2]: s += redline(aline) elif tag == INSERT_S: for bline in b[j1:j2]: s += greenline(bline) elif tag == EQUAL_S: for aline in a[i1:i2]: s += ' ' + aline + '\n' else: raise RuntimeError('tag not understood') return s
[docs]class HistoryDiffer(object): """This class helps diff two xonsh history files.""" def __init__(self, afile, bfile, reopen=False, verbose=False): """ Parameters ---------- afile : file handle or str The first file to diff bfile : file handle or str The second file to diff reopen : bool, optional Whether or not to reopen the file handles each time. The default here is opposite from the LazyJSON default because we know that we will be doing a lot of reading so it is best to keep the handles open. verbose : bool, optional Whether to print a verbose amount of information. """ self.a = LazyJSON(afile, reopen=reopen) self.b = LazyJSON(bfile, reopen=reopen) self.verbose = verbose = difflib.SequenceMatcher(autojunk=False) def __del__(self): self.a.close() self.b.close() def __str__(self): return self.format() def _header_line(self, lj): s = if hasattr(lj._f, 'name') else '' s += ' (' + lj['sessionid'] + ')' s += ' [locked]' if lj['locked'] else ' [unlocked]' ts = lj['ts'].load() ts0 = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(ts[0]) s += ' started: ' + ts0.isoformat(' ') if ts[1] is not None: ts1 = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(ts[1]) s += ' stopped: ' + ts1.isoformat(' ') + ' runtime: ' + str(ts1 - ts0) return s
[docs] def header(self): """Computes a header string difference.""" s = ('{red}--- {aline}{no_color}\n' '{green}+++ {bline}{no_color}') s = s.format(aline=self._header_line(self.a), bline=self._header_line(self.b), red=RED_S, green=GREEN_S, no_color=NO_COLOR_S) return s
def _env_both_diff(self, in_both, aenv, benv): sm = s = '' for key in sorted(in_both): aval = aenv[key] bval = benv[key] if aval == bval: continue s += '{0!r} is in both, but differs\n'.format(key) s += bold_str_diff(aval, bval, sm=sm) + '\n' return s def _env_in_one_diff(self, x, y, color, xid, xenv): only_x = sorted(x - y) if len(only_x) == 0: return '' if self.verbose: xstr = ',\n'.join([' {0!r}: {1!r}'.format(key, xenv[key]) for key in only_x]) xstr = '\n' + xstr else: xstr = ', '.join(['{0!r}'.format(key) for key in only_x]) in_x = 'These vars are only in {color}{xid}{no_color}: {{{xstr}}}\n\n' return in_x.format(xid=xid, color=color, no_color=NO_COLOR_S, xstr=xstr)
[docs] def envdiff(self): """Computes the difference between the environments.""" aenv = self.a['env'].load() benv = self.b['env'].load() akeys = frozenset(aenv) bkeys = frozenset(benv) in_both = akeys & bkeys if len(in_both) == len(akeys) == len(bkeys): keydiff = self._env_both_diff(in_both, aenv, benv) if len(keydiff) == 0: return '' in_a = in_b = '' else: keydiff = self._env_both_diff(in_both, aenv, benv) in_a = self._env_in_one_diff(akeys, bkeys, RED_S, self.a['sessionid'], aenv) in_b = self._env_in_one_diff(bkeys, akeys, GREEN_S, self.b['sessionid'], benv) s = 'Environment\n-----------\n' + in_a + keydiff + in_b return s
def _cmd_in_one_diff(self, inp, i, xlj, xid, color): s = 'cmd #{i} only in {color}{xid}{no_color}:\n' s = s.format(i=i, color=color, xid=xid, no_color=NO_COLOR_S) lines = inp.splitlines() lt = '{color}{pre}{no_color} {line}\n' s += lt.format(color=color, no_color=NO_COLOR_S, line=lines[0], pre='>>>') for line in lines[1:]: s += lt.format(color=color, no_color=NO_COLOR_S, line=line, pre='...') if not self.verbose: return s + '\n' out = xlj['cmds'][0].get('out', 'Note: no output stored') s += out.rstrip() + '\n\n' return s def _cmd_out_and_rtn_diff(self, i, j): s = '' aout = self.a['cmds'][i].get('out', None) bout = self.b['cmds'][j].get('out', None) if aout is None and bout is None: # s += 'Note: neither output stored\n' pass elif bout is None: aid = self.a['sessionid'] s += 'Note: only {red}{aid}{no_color} output stored\n'.format( red=RED_S, aid=aid, no_color=NO_COLOR_S) elif aout is None: bid = self.b['sessionid'] s += 'Note: only {green}{bid}{no_color} output stored\n'.format( green=GREEN_S, bid=bid, no_color=NO_COLOR_S) elif aout != bout: s += 'Outputs differ\n' s += highlighted_ndiff(aout.splitlines(), bout.splitlines()) else: pass artn = self.a['cmds'][i]['rtn'] brtn = self.b['cmds'][j]['rtn'] if artn != brtn: s += ('Return vals {red}{artn}{no_color} & {green}{brtn}{no_color} differ\n' ).format(red=RED_S, green=GREEN_S, no_color=NO_COLOR_S, artn=artn, brtn=brtn) return s def _cmd_replace_diff(self, i, ainp, aid, j, binp, bid): s = ('cmd #{i} in {red}{aid}{no_color} is replaced by \n' 'cmd #{j} in {green}{bid}{no_color}:\n') s = s.format(i=i, aid=aid, j=j, bid=bid, red=RED_S, green=GREEN_S, no_color=NO_COLOR_S) s += highlighted_ndiff(ainp.splitlines(), binp.splitlines()) if not self.verbose: return s + '\n' s += self._cmd_out_and_rtn_diff(i, j) return s + '\n'
[docs] def cmdsdiff(self): """Computes the difference of the commands themselves.""" aid = self.a['sessionid'] bid = self.b['sessionid'] ainps = [c['inp'] for c in self.a['cmds']] binps = [c['inp'] for c in self.b['cmds']] sm = sm.set_seqs(ainps, binps) s = '' for tag, i1, i2, j1, j2 in sm.get_opcodes(): if tag == REPLACE_S: zipper = itertools.zip_longest for i, ainp, j, binp in zipper(range(i1, i2), ainps[i1:i2], range(j1, j2), binps[j1:j2]): if j is None: s += self._cmd_in_one_diff(ainp, i, self.a, aid, RED_S) elif i is None: s += self._cmd_in_one_diff(binp, j, self.b, bid, GREEN_S) else: self._cmd_replace_diff(i, ainp, aid, j, binp, bid) elif tag == DELETE_S: for i, inp in enumerate(ainps[i1:i2], i1): s += self._cmd_in_one_diff(inp, i, self.a, aid, RED_S) elif tag == INSERT_S: for j, inp in enumerate(binps[j1:j2], j1): s += self._cmd_in_one_diff(inp, j, self.b, bid, GREEN_S) elif tag == EQUAL_S: for i, j, in zip(range(i1, i2), range(j1, j2)): odiff = self._cmd_out_and_rtn_diff(i, j) if len(odiff) > 0: h = ('cmd #{i} in {red}{aid}{no_color} input is the same as \n' 'cmd #{j} in {green}{bid}{no_color}, but output differs:\n') s += h.format(i=i, aid=aid, j=j, bid=bid, red=RED_S, green=GREEN_S, no_color=NO_COLOR_S) s += odiff + '\n' else: raise RuntimeError('tag not understood') if len(s) == 0: return s return 'Commands\n--------\n' + s
[docs] def format(self): """Formats the difference between the two history files.""" s = self.header() ed = self.envdiff() if len(ed) > 0: s += '\n\n' + ed cd = self.cmdsdiff() if len(cd) > 0: s += '\n\n' + cd return s.rstrip()
[docs]def dh_create_parser(p=None): global _HD_PARSER p_was_none = (p is None) if _HD_PARSER is not None and p_was_none: return _HD_PARSER if p_was_none: p = argparse.ArgumentParser('diff-history', description='diffs two xonsh history files') p.add_argument('--reopen', dest='reopen', default=False, action='store_true', help='make lazy file loading reopen files each time') p.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', dest='verbose', default=False, action='store_true', help='whether to print even more information') p.add_argument('a', help='first file in diff') p.add_argument('b', help='second file in diff') if p_was_none: _HD_PARSER = p return p
[docs]def dh_main_action(ns, hist=None, stdout=None, stderr=None): hd = HistoryDiffer(ns.a, ns.b, reopen=ns.reopen, verbose=ns.verbose) print_color(hd.format(), file=stdout)