Source code for

"""Xonsh completer tools."""
import builtins
import textwrap

def _filter_normal(s, x):
    return s.startswith(x)

def _filter_ignorecase(s, x):
    return s.lower().startswith(x.lower())

[docs]def get_filter_function(): """ Return an appropriate filtering function for completions, given the valid of $CASE_SENSITIVE_COMPLETIONS """ csc = builtins.__xonsh__.env.get("CASE_SENSITIVE_COMPLETIONS") if csc: return _filter_normal else: return _filter_ignorecase
[docs]def justify(s, max_length, left_pad=0): """ Re-wrap the string s so that each line is no more than max_length characters long, padding all lines but the first on the left with the string left_pad. """ txt = textwrap.wrap(s, width=max_length, subsequent_indent=" " * left_pad) return "\n".join(txt)