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import os
import re
import pickle
import builtins
import subprocess

import xonsh.lazyasd as xl

from import get_filter_function


def SCRAPE_RE():
    return re.compile(r"^(?:\s*(?:-\w|--[a-z0-9-]+)[\s,])+", re.M)

    return re.compile(r"-\w|--[a-z0-9-]+")

[docs]def complete_from_man(prefix, line, start, end, ctx): """ Completes an option name, based on the contents of the associated man page. """ global OPTIONS, OPTIONS_PATH if OPTIONS is None: datadir = builtins.__xonsh__.env["XONSH_DATA_DIR"] OPTIONS_PATH = os.path.join(datadir, "man_completions_cache") try: with open(OPTIONS_PATH, "rb") as f: OPTIONS = pickle.load(f) except Exception: OPTIONS = {} if not prefix.startswith("-"): return set() cmd = line.split()[0] if cmd not in OPTIONS: try: manpage = subprocess.Popen( ["man", cmd], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.DEVNULL ) # This is a trick to get rid of reverse line feeds text = subprocess.check_output(["col", "-b"], stdin=manpage.stdout) text = text.decode("utf-8") scraped_text = " ".join(SCRAPE_RE.findall(text)) matches = INNER_OPTIONS_RE.findall(scraped_text) OPTIONS[cmd] = matches with open(OPTIONS_PATH, "wb") as f: pickle.dump(OPTIONS, f) except Exception: return set() return {s for s in OPTIONS[cmd] if get_filter_function()(s, prefix)}