Source code for xonsh.completer

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""A (tab-)completer for xonsh."""
import builtins
import as cabc

[docs]class Completer(object): """This provides a list of optional completions for the xonsh shell."""
[docs] def complete(self, prefix, line, begidx, endidx, ctx=None): """Complete the string, given a possible execution context. Parameters ---------- prefix : str The string to match line : str The line that prefix appears on. begidx : int The index in line that prefix starts on. endidx : int The index in line that prefix ends on. ctx : Iterable of str (ie dict, set, etc), optional Names in the current execution context. Returns ------- rtn : list of str Possible completions of prefix, sorted alphabetically. lprefix : int Length of the prefix to be replaced in the completion. """ ctx = ctx or {} for func in builtins.__xonsh__.completers.values(): try: out = func(prefix, line, begidx, endidx, ctx) except StopIteration: return set(), len(prefix) if isinstance(out, cabc.Sequence): res, lprefix = out else: res = out lprefix = len(prefix) if res is not None and len(res) != 0: def sortkey(s): return s.lstrip(''''"''').lower() return tuple(sorted(res, key=sortkey)), lprefix return set(), lprefix