Source code for xonsh.xoreutils.echo

"""Implements a simple echo command for xonsh."""

[docs]def echo(args, stdin, stdout, stderr): """A simple echo command.""" opts = _echo_parse_args(args) if opts is None: return if opts['help']: print(ECHO_HELP, file=stdout) return 0 ender = opts['end'] args = map(str, args) if opts['escapes']: args = map(lambda x: x.encode().decode('unicode_escape'), args) print(*args, end=ender, file=stdout)
def _echo_parse_args(args): out = {'escapes': False, 'end': '\n', 'help': False} if '-e' in args: args.remove('-e') out['escapes'] = True if '-E' in args: args.remove('-E') out['escapes'] = False if '-n' in args: args.remove('-n') out['end'] = '' if '-h' in args or '--help' in args: out['help'] = True return out ECHO_HELP = """Usage: echo [OPTIONS]... [STRING]... Echo the STRING(s) to standard output. -n do not include the trailing newline -e enable interpretation of backslash escapes -E disable interpretation of backslash escapes (default) -h --help display this message and exit This version of echo was written in Python for the xonsh project: Based on echo from GNU coreutils:"""