Source code for xonsh.xontribs_meta

This modules is the place where one would define the xontribs.

import importlib.util
import typing as tp
from pathlib import Path

from xonsh.lazyasd import LazyObject, lazyobject

class _XontribPkg(tp.NamedTuple):
    """Class to define package information of a xontrib.

        a mapping of tools with respective install commands. e.g. {"pip": "pip install xontrib"}
        license type of the xontrib package
        full name of the package. e.g. "xontrib-argcomplete"
        URL to the homepage of the xontrib package.

    install: tp.Dict[str, str]
    license: str = ""
    name: str = ""
    url: tp.Optional[str] = None

[docs]class Xontrib(tp.NamedTuple): """Meta class that is used to describe xontribs. Attributes ---------- url url to the home page of the xontrib. description short description about the xontrib. package pkg information for installing the xontrib tags category. """ url: str = "" description: tp.Union[str, LazyObject] = "" package: tp.Optional[_XontribPkg] = None tags: tp.Tuple[str, ...] = ()
[docs]def get_module_docstring(module: str) -> str: """Find the module and return its docstring without actual import""" import ast spec = importlib.util.find_spec(module) if spec and spec.has_location and spec.origin: return ast.get_docstring(ast.parse(Path(spec.origin).read_text())) or "" return ""
[docs]def get_xontribs() -> tp.Dict[str, Xontrib]: """Return xontrib definitions lazily.""" return dict(get_installed_xontribs())
[docs]def get_installed_xontribs(pkg_name="xontrib"): """List all core packages + newly installed xontribs""" core_pkg = _XontribPkg( name="xonsh", license="BSD 3-clause", install={ "conda": "conda install -c conda-forge xonsh", "pip": "xpip install xonsh", "aura": "sudo aura -A xonsh", "yaourt": "yaourt -Sa xonsh", }, url="", ) spec = importlib.util.find_spec(pkg_name) def iter_paths(): for loc in spec.submodule_search_locations: path = Path(loc) if path.exists(): yield from path.iterdir() def iter_modules(): # pkgutil is not finding `*.xsh` files for path in iter_paths(): if path.suffix in {".py", ".xsh"}: yield path.stem elif path.is_dir(): if (path / "").exists(): yield for name in iter_modules(): yield name, Xontrib( url="", description=lazyobject(lambda: get_module_docstring(f"xontrib.{name}")), package=core_pkg, )