Xonsh kernel for Jupyter

Xonsh provides a kernel for Jupyter Notebook and Lab so you can execute xonsh commands in a notbook cell without any additional magic.


Install Jupyter and Xonsh in the same environment, then configure the Xonsh kernel for Jupyter:

$ xonfig jupyter-kernel
Installing Jupyter kernel spec:
  root: None
  prefix: <env_prefix>
  as user: False

_<Env_prefix>_ is the path prefix of the Jupyter and Xonsh environment. xonfig jupyter-kernel --help shows options for installing the kernel spec in the user config folder or in a non-standard environment prefix.

You can confirm the status of the installation:

$ xonfig info
| xonsh            | 0.9.21                                              |
| Git SHA          | d42b4140                                            |

               . . . . .

| on jupyter       | True                                                |
| jupyter kernel   | <env_prefix>\share\jupyter\kernels\xonsh            |


$ jupyter kernelspec list
Available kernels:
  python3    <env_prefix>\share\jupyter\kernels\python3
  xonsh      <env_prefix>\share\jupyter\kernels\xonsh