Prompt Toolkit 2+ Shell (

The prompt_toolkit based xonsh shell.


The xonsh shell for prompt_toolkit v2 and later.


classes inheriting multiple base classes should call them explicitly as done for ReadlineShell


Enters a loop that reads and execute input from user.


Returns the current color map.


Returns an iterable of all available style names.


Compiles source code and returns the (possibly modified) source and a valid code object.

continuation_tokens(width, line_number, is_soft_wrap=False)[source]

Displays dots in multiline prompt

default(line, raw_line=None)

Implements code execution.


Called when an empty line has been entered.

format_color(string, hide=False, force_string=False, **kwargs)[source]

Formats a color string using Pygments. This, therefore, returns a list of (Token, str) tuples. If force_string is set to true, though, this will return a color formatted string.


These are non-essential attributes for the PTK shell to start. Lazy loading these later would save some startup time.


Called just before execution of line.

print_color(string, end='\n', **kwargs)[source]

Prints a color string using prompt-toolkit color management.


Returns a list of (token, str) tuples for the current prompt.


Pushes a line onto the buffer and compiles the code in a way that enables multiline input.


Resets the line buffer.


An interface for resetting the TTY stdin mode. This is highly dependent on the shell backend. Also it is mostly optional since it only affects ^Z backgrounding behaviour.


Returns a list of (token, str) tuples for the current right prompt.


Sets terminal title.

singleline(auto_suggest=None, enable_history_search=True, multiline=True, **kwargs)[source]

Reads a single line of input from the shell. The store_in_history kwarg flags whether the input should be stored in PTK’s in-memory history.

property bottom_toolbar_tokens

Returns self._bottom_toolbar_tokens if it would yield a result

completion_displays_to_styles = {'multi': <CompleteStyle.MULTI_COLUMN: 'MULTI_COLUMN'>, 'none': None, 'readline': <CompleteStyle.READLINE_LIKE: 'READLINE_LIKE'>, 'single': <CompleteStyle.COLUMN: 'COLUMN'>}
property prompt

Obtains the current prompt string.

property styler[source][source]

Removes the ANSI OSC escape codes - prompt_toolkit does not support them. Some terminal emulators - like iTerm2 - uses them for various things.


Checks a list of (token, str) tuples for ANSI escape sequences and extends the token list with the new formatted entries. During processing tokens are converted to prompt_toolkit.FormattedText. Returns a list of similar (token, str) tuples.