Context Managers for Xonsh (xonsh.contexts)

Context management tools for xonsh.

class xonsh.contexts.Block[source]

This is a context manager for obtaining a block of lines without actually executing the block. The lines are accessible as the ‘lines’ attribute. This must be used as a macro.

lines : list of str or None

Block lines as if split by str.splitlines(), if available.

glbs : Mapping or None

Global execution context, ie globals().

locs : Mapping or None

Local execution context, ie locals().

class xonsh.contexts.Functor(args=(), kwargs=None, rtn='')[source]

This is a context manager that turns the block into a callable object, bound to the execution context it was created in.

args : Sequence of str, optional

A tuple of argument names for the functor.

kwargs : Mapping of str to values or list of item tuples, optional

Keyword argument names and values, if available.

rtn : str, optional

Name of object to return, if available.

func : function

The underlying function object. This defaults to none and is set after the the block is exited.