Python Completer (xonsh.completers.python)

Completers for Python code

xonsh.completers.python.attr_complete(prefix, ctx, filter_func)[source]

Complete attributes of an object.

xonsh.completers.python.complete_import(prefix, line, start, end, ctx)[source]

Completes module names and contents for “import …” and “from … import …”

xonsh.completers.python.complete_python(prefix, line, start, end, ctx)[source]

Completes based on the contents of the current Python environment, the Python built-ins, and xonsh operators. If there are no matches, split on common delimiters and try again.

xonsh.completers.python.complete_python_mode(prefix, line, start, end, ctx)[source]

Python-mode completions for @( and ${

xonsh.completers.python.python_signature_complete(prefix, line, end, ctx, filter_func)[source]

Completes a python function (or other callable) call by completing argument and keyword argument names.