File System Path Completer (xonsh.completers.path)


Returns True if “cd” is a token in the line, False otherwise.

xonsh.completers.path.complete_dir(prefix, line, start, end, ctx, cdpath=False)[source]
xonsh.completers.path.complete_path(prefix, line, start, end, ctx, cdpath=True, filtfunc=None)[source]

Completes based on a path name.

xonsh.completers.path.subsequence_match(ref, typed, csc)[source]

Detects whether typed is a subsequence of ref.

Returns True if the characters in typed appear (in order) in ref, regardless of exactly where in ref they occur. If csc is False, ignore the case of ref and typed.

Used in “subsequence” path completion (e.g., ~/u/ro expands to ~/lou/carcohl)