Source code for xonsh.ptk2.key_bindings

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Key bindings for prompt_toolkit xonsh shell."""
import builtins

from prompt_toolkit import search
from prompt_toolkit.enums import DEFAULT_BUFFER
from prompt_toolkit.filters import (
from prompt_toolkit.keys import Keys
from prompt_toolkit.application.current import get_app

from xonsh.aliases import xonsh_exit
from import check_for_partial_string, get_line_continuation
from import transform_command

DEDENT_TOKENS = frozenset(["raise", "return", "pass", "break", "continue"])

[docs]def carriage_return(b, cli, *, autoindent=True): """Preliminary parser to determine if 'Enter' key should send command to the xonsh parser for execution or should insert a newline for continued input. Current 'triggers' for inserting a newline are: - Not on first line of buffer and line is non-empty - Previous character is a colon (covers if, for, etc...) - User is in an open paren-block - Line ends with backslash - Any text exists below cursor position (relevant when editing previous multiline blocks) """ doc = b.document at_end_of_line = _is_blank(doc.current_line_after_cursor) current_line_blank = _is_blank(doc.current_line) env = builtins.__xonsh__.env indent = env.get("INDENT") if autoindent else "" partial_string_info = check_for_partial_string(doc.text) in_partial_string = ( partial_string_info[0] is not None and partial_string_info[1] is None ) # indent after a colon if doc.current_line_before_cursor.strip().endswith(":") and at_end_of_line: b.newline(copy_margin=autoindent) b.insert_text(indent, fire_event=False) # if current line isn't blank, check dedent tokens elif ( not current_line_blank and doc.current_line.split(maxsplit=1)[0] in DEDENT_TOKENS and doc.line_count > 1 ): b.newline(copy_margin=autoindent) b.delete_before_cursor(count=len(indent)) elif not doc.on_first_line and not current_line_blank: b.newline(copy_margin=autoindent) elif doc.current_line.endswith(get_line_continuation()): b.newline(copy_margin=autoindent) elif doc.find_next_word_beginning() is not None and ( any(not _is_blank(i) for i in doc.lines_from_current[1:]) ): b.newline(copy_margin=autoindent) elif not current_line_blank and not can_compile(doc.text): b.newline(copy_margin=autoindent) elif current_line_blank and in_partial_string: b.newline(copy_margin=autoindent) else: b.validate_and_handle()
def _is_blank(l): return len(l.strip()) == 0
[docs]def can_compile(src): """Returns whether the code can be compiled, i.e. it is valid xonsh.""" src = src if src.endswith("\n") else src + "\n" src = transform_command(src, show_diff=False) src = src.lstrip() try: builtins.__xonsh__.execer.compile( src, mode="single", glbs=None, locs=builtins.__xonsh__.ctx ) rtn = True except SyntaxError: rtn = False except Exception: rtn = True return rtn
@Condition def tab_insert_indent(): """Check if <Tab> should insert indent instead of starting autocompletion. Checks if there are only whitespaces before the cursor - if so indent should be inserted, otherwise autocompletion. """ before_cursor = get_app().current_buffer.document.current_line_before_cursor return bool(before_cursor.isspace()) @Condition def beginning_of_line(): """Check if cursor is at beginning of a line other than the first line in a multiline document """ app = get_app() before_cursor = app.current_buffer.document.current_line_before_cursor return bool( len(before_cursor) == 0 and not app.current_buffer.document.on_first_line ) @Condition def end_of_line(): """Check if cursor is at the end of a line other than the last line in a multiline document """ d = get_app().current_buffer.document at_end = d.is_cursor_at_the_end_of_line last_line = d.is_cursor_at_the_end return bool(at_end and not last_line) @Condition def should_confirm_completion(): """Check if completion needs confirmation""" return ( builtins.__xonsh__.env.get("COMPLETIONS_CONFIRM") and get_app().current_buffer.complete_state ) # Copied from prompt-toolkit's key_binding/bindings/ @Condition def ctrl_d_condition(): """Ctrl-D binding is only active when the default buffer is selected and empty. """ if builtins.__xonsh__.env.get("IGNOREEOF"): return False else: app = get_app() buffer_name = return buffer_name == DEFAULT_BUFFER and not app.current_buffer.text @Condition def autopair_condition(): """Check if XONSH_AUTOPAIR is set""" return builtins.__xonsh__.env.get("XONSH_AUTOPAIR", False) @Condition def whitespace_or_bracket_before(): """Check if there is whitespace or an opening bracket to the left of the cursor""" d = get_app().current_buffer.document return bool( d.cursor_position == 0 or d.char_before_cursor.isspace() or d.char_before_cursor in "([{" ) @Condition def whitespace_or_bracket_after(): """Check if there is whitespace or a closing bracket to the right of the cursor""" d = get_app().current_buffer.document return bool( d.is_cursor_at_the_end_of_line or d.current_char.isspace() or d.current_char in ")]}" )
[docs]def load_xonsh_bindings(key_bindings): """ Load custom key bindings. """ handle = key_bindings.add has_selection = HasSelection() insert_mode = ViInsertMode() | EmacsInsertMode() @handle(Keys.Tab, filter=tab_insert_indent) def insert_indent(event): """ If there are only whitespaces before current cursor position insert indent instead of autocompleting. """ env = builtins.__xonsh__.env event.cli.current_buffer.insert_text(env.get("INDENT")) @handle(Keys.ControlX, Keys.ControlE, filter=~has_selection) def open_editor(event): """ Open current buffer in editor """ event.current_buffer.open_in_editor(event.cli) @handle(Keys.BackTab, filter=insert_mode) def insert_literal_tab(event): """ Insert literal tab on Shift+Tab instead of autocompleting """ b = event.current_buffer if b.complete_state: b.complete_previous() else: env = builtins.__xonsh__.env event.cli.current_buffer.insert_text(env.get("INDENT")) @handle("(", filter=autopair_condition & whitespace_or_bracket_after) def insert_right_parens(event): event.cli.current_buffer.insert_text("(") event.cli.current_buffer.insert_text(")", move_cursor=False) @handle(")", filter=autopair_condition) def overwrite_right_parens(event): buffer = event.cli.current_buffer if buffer.document.current_char == ")": buffer.cursor_position += 1 else: buffer.insert_text(")") @handle("[", filter=autopair_condition & whitespace_or_bracket_after) def insert_right_bracket(event): event.cli.current_buffer.insert_text("[") event.cli.current_buffer.insert_text("]", move_cursor=False) @handle("]", filter=autopair_condition) def overwrite_right_bracket(event): buffer = event.cli.current_buffer if buffer.document.current_char == "]": buffer.cursor_position += 1 else: buffer.insert_text("]") @handle("{", filter=autopair_condition & whitespace_or_bracket_after) def insert_right_brace(event): event.cli.current_buffer.insert_text("{") event.cli.current_buffer.insert_text("}", move_cursor=False) @handle("}", filter=autopair_condition) def overwrite_right_brace(event): buffer = event.cli.current_buffer if buffer.document.current_char == "}": buffer.cursor_position += 1 else: buffer.insert_text("}") @handle("'", filter=autopair_condition) def insert_right_quote(event): buffer = event.cli.current_buffer if buffer.document.current_char == "'": buffer.cursor_position += 1 elif whitespace_or_bracket_before() and whitespace_or_bracket_after(): buffer.insert_text("'") buffer.insert_text("'", move_cursor=False) else: buffer.insert_text("'") @handle('"', filter=autopair_condition) def insert_right_double_quote(event): buffer = event.cli.current_buffer if buffer.document.current_char == '"': buffer.cursor_position += 1 elif whitespace_or_bracket_before() and whitespace_or_bracket_after(): buffer.insert_text('"') buffer.insert_text('"', move_cursor=False) else: buffer.insert_text('"') @handle(Keys.Backspace, filter=autopair_condition) def delete_brackets_or_quotes(event): """Delete empty pair of brackets or quotes""" buffer = event.cli.current_buffer before = buffer.document.char_before_cursor after = buffer.document.current_char if any( [before == b and after == a for (b, a) in ["()", "[]", "{}", "''", '""']] ): buffer.delete(1) buffer.delete_before_cursor(1) @handle(Keys.ControlD, filter=ctrl_d_condition) def call_exit_alias(event): """Use xonsh exit function""" b = event.cli.current_buffer b.validate_and_handle() xonsh_exit([]) @handle(Keys.ControlJ, filter=IsMultiline() & insert_mode) @handle(Keys.ControlM, filter=IsMultiline() & insert_mode) def multiline_carriage_return(event): """ Wrapper around carriage_return multiline parser """ b = event.cli.current_buffer carriage_return(b, event.cli) @handle(Keys.ControlJ, filter=should_confirm_completion) @handle(Keys.ControlM, filter=should_confirm_completion) def enter_confirm_completion(event): """Ignore <enter> (confirm completion)""" event.current_buffer.complete_state = None @handle(Keys.Escape, filter=should_confirm_completion) def esc_cancel_completion(event): """Use <ESC> to cancel completion""" event.cli.current_buffer.cancel_completion() @handle(Keys.Escape, Keys.ControlJ) def execute_block_now(event): """Execute a block of text irrespective of cursor position""" b = event.cli.current_buffer b.validate_and_handle() @handle(Keys.Left, filter=beginning_of_line) def wrap_cursor_back(event): """Move cursor to end of previous line unless at beginning of document """ b = event.cli.current_buffer b.cursor_up(count=1) relative_end_index = b.document.get_end_of_line_position() b.cursor_right(count=relative_end_index) @handle(Keys.Right, filter=end_of_line) def wrap_cursor_forward(event): """Move cursor to beginning of next line unless at end of document""" b = event.cli.current_buffer relative_begin_index = b.document.get_start_of_line_position() b.cursor_left(count=abs(relative_begin_index)) b.cursor_down(count=1) @handle(Keys.ControlM, filter=IsSearching()) @handle(Keys.ControlJ, filter=IsSearching()) def accept_search(event): search.accept_search()