Source code for xonsh.ptk.completer

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Completer implementation to use with prompt_toolkit."""
import os
import builtins

from prompt_toolkit.layout.dimension import LayoutDimension
from prompt_toolkit.completion import Completer, Completion
from prompt_toolkit.auto_suggest import AutoSuggestFromHistory

[docs]class PromptToolkitCompleter(Completer): """Simple prompt_toolkit Completer object. It just redirects requests to normal Xonsh completer. """ def __init__(self, completer, ctx, shell): """Takes instance of xonsh.completer.Completer, the xonsh execution context, and the shell instance itself. """ self.completer = completer self.ctx = ctx = shell self.hist_suggester = AutoSuggestFromHistory()
[docs] def get_completions(self, document, complete_event): """Returns a generator for list of completions.""" env = builtins.__xonsh_env__ should_complete = ( complete_event.completion_requested or env.get('UPDATE_COMPLETIONS_ON_KEYPRESS') ) # Only generate completions when the user hits tab. if not should_complete or self.completer is None: return # generate actual completions line = document.current_line.lstrip() line_ex = builtins.aliases.expand_alias(line) endidx = document.cursor_position_col begidx = (line[:endidx].rfind(' ') + 1 if line[:endidx].rfind(' ') >= 0 else 0) prefix = line[begidx:endidx] expand_offset = len(line_ex) - len(line) # get normal completions completions, l = self.completer.complete(prefix, line_ex, begidx + expand_offset, endidx + expand_offset, self.ctx) # completions from auto suggest sug_comp = None if env.get('AUTO_SUGGEST') and env.get('AUTO_SUGGEST_IN_COMPLETIONS'): sug_comp = self.suggestion_completion(document, line) if sug_comp is None: pass elif len(completions) == 0: completions = (sug_comp,) else: completions = set(completions) completions.discard(sug_comp) completions = (sug_comp,) + tuple(sorted(completions)) # reserve space, if needed. if len(completions) <= 1: pass elif len(os.path.commonprefix(completions)) <= len(prefix): self.reserve_space() # Find common prefix (strip quoting) c_prefix = os.path.commonprefix([a.strip('\'"') for a in completions]) # Find last split symbol, do not trim the last part while c_prefix: if c_prefix[-1] in r'/\.:@,': break c_prefix = c_prefix[:-1] # yield completions if sug_comp is None: pre = min(document.cursor_position_col - begidx, len(c_prefix)) else: pre = len(c_prefix) for comp in completions: # do not display quote disp = comp[pre:].strip('\'"') yield Completion(comp, -l, display=disp)
[docs] def suggestion_completion(self, document, line): """Provides a completion based on the current auto-suggestion.""" cli = sug = self.hist_suggester.get_suggestion(cli, cli.current_buffer, document) if sug is None: return None comp, _, _ = sug.text.partition(' ') _, _, prev = line.rpartition(' ') return prev + comp
[docs] def reserve_space(self): cli = window = cli.application.layout.children[0].content.children[1] if window and window.render_info: h = window.render_info.content_height r = builtins.__xonsh_env__.get('COMPLETIONS_MENU_ROWS') size = h + r def comp_height(cli): # If there is an autocompletion menu to be shown, make sure that o # layout has at least a minimal height in order to display it. if not cli.is_done: return LayoutDimension(min=size) else: return LayoutDimension() window._height = comp_height